Property based testing in Scala

ScalaTest with ScalaCheck

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By Tim Soethout

Property based testing

  • Different way of testing
  • Declarative
  • Logic properties
  • Abstraction over values


$\forall s : String \rightarrow s.reverse.reverse \equiv s$


forAll((s: String) => s.reverse.reverse == s)
+ String.should be the same after reversing twice: OK, passed 100 tests.


Checking properties on random datasets created by generators

  • Property-based testing for Scala
  • Inspired on Haskell's QuickCheck
  • Generates test data with corner cases
  • Guides programmer to writing pure functions (TTD with property based checking)
  • Can be used in interactively in REPL
  • Can be used to test Java code (or any JVM-language for that matter)
  • Works autonomously or with ScalaTest or Specs2
  • Shrinking strategies to reduce the counter example

Simple Example

    def reverseStrings(list: List[String]): List[String] = {
     list match {
        case Nil => Nil
        case (x :: xs) => reverseStrings(xs) ++ List(x)

ScalaCheck Autonomous

property("should be the same after reversing twice") =
  forAll((ss: List[String]) => reverseStrings(reverseStrings(ss)) == ss)

ScalaTest with ScalaCheck

behavior of "reverseStrings"      
it should "give the same after reversing twice" in {
  forAll {
    (ss: List[String]) => 
      reverseStrings(reverseStrings(ss)) should equal(ss)

Property Test Strategies

  • Do not redo your implementation in your test
  • Test multiple (trivial) properties
  • Think backwards (generate the output: $\forall l : SortedList \rightarrow shuffle(l).sort \equiv l$)
  • Use a slower, different or proven way to find the correct answers (- maybe your previous implementation that you are improving)


Generators for primitive types and case classes are provided

Or roll your own:

def bbans: Gen[String] =
  for {
    n <- Gen.chooseNum(0, 9999999)
  } yield n.toString

Demo and code

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  • Property based checking with ScalaCheck
  • Extra tool in testing tool belt
  • Can test non-Scala code


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