Getting started with AppEngine

I used this example project. git clone

The basic documentation which this is based upon can also be found on

Local Development

If you are in the app directory, simply run: mvn appengine:devserver and you can reach the sample app on http://localhost:8080.

Deploying on AppEngine

Setting up AppEngine

Deploying on AppScale

When trying to run appscale deploy appengine-angular-guestbook-java-directory in the folder where your Appscalefile file is , you will get an error message : Couldn't find an app.yaml or appengine-web.xml file in appengine-angular-guestbook-java/..

From one of the community questions it turns out that AppScale needs to have the program in a directory named war. Also old documentation states the following:

For Java apps, make sure you point "appscale deploy" at the directory that contains your "war" directory (not the "war" directory itself). If you don't, you'll get the same error message as above.

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