Setting Up A New Blog Using Github Pages

A new blog

A long time ago I started out with a self-hosted Wordpress blog. It took some time to setup, but in the end I got it working on my server at home and was available together with some other sites through Apache.

It took a lot of time to correctly set up Wordpress having all the features I would want: some kind of post drafting and publication, a simple and easy web site, a good uptime. Unfortunately the blog died a cold dead a while ago. When setting up a new blog I wanted more or less the same functionality and was about to setup a new self-hosted Wordpress blog when I first looked into alternatives.

My eye fell upon GitHub pages, which is a free hosted service from GitHub on which you can serve simple static web pages. As long as your pages are thus statically created it is a great place to host them with good availability. Luckily they also provide a way to generate the pages using Jekyll, which is a blog-aware static page generator. The blog itself is just a GitHub repository and the blog posts are files written in markdown.

Getting started

The process to get it up and running was easy:

Your new blog is up and running in about 10 minutes.

Optionally you can also let your own domain refer to it very easily:

##Useful links

More useful links are: